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Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO SL DDR4 memory kits launched

Corsair has launched a new series to add to its Vengeance memory line. The Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO SL DDR4 memory kits feature 10-zone addressable RGB lighting, and come in a low profile form factor – just 44mm tall. Kits range up to 3,600MHz and 128GB (4x 32GB) and will be made available with black or white aluminium heatspreaders. Another point worth mentioning is that the memory modules are claimed to utilise tightly screened ICs and optimised for peak performance with overclocking potential (up to 4,800Mhz, it shows in the video).

Probably the biggest pull for this new range of DDR4 memory kits is the combination of aRGB lighting in a low profile. The Vengeance RGB PRO SL DDR4 memory module height of 44m is enough to enable “compatibility with a multitude of CPU cooler options, including dual-fan AIO liquid CPU coolers and many air coolers such as the Corisair A500,” points out Corsair. For “massively customisable” RGB lighting the 10 individually addressable LEDs on each module are a boon. Predictably, they can be synced via Corsair iCue for stunning effects in concert with other RGB components.

Corsair hasn’t neglected the core qualities of computer memory, of course, it says that the DDR4 memory ICs are tightly screened and “selected for high performance and overclocking potential,” while the custom PCB delivers high signal quality and stability. Corsair backs up its quality statements by providing a limited lifetime warranty.

The range of kits is likely to expand as in its email to HEXUS Corsair hints that what you see now in terms of frequencies and capacities is just an initial lineup. You can purchase these memory kits direct from Corsair today. An entry level 16GB (2x 8GB) 3,200MHz C16 kit is listed at US$105, whereas the largest 128GB (4x 32GB) is $695 at the time of writing.

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