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XPG Launch Free LGA 1700 Mounting Kit for LEVANTE 240/360 AIO Coolers

Following the launch of the new LGA 1700 socket earlier this month we have already seen a number of cooler manufacturers confirm the availability of upgrade kits to make their cooling solutions totally viable with Intel’s new Alder Lake-S processors. With not many left though, XPG has just confirmed the release of a free LGA 1700 socket kit for owners of its LEVANTE 240 and LEVANTE 360 AIO liquid coolers!

XPG LGA 1700 Mounting Kit for LEVANTE 240/360 AIO Coolers

In announcing the news XPG (Adata) has said:

“XPG, today announces free LGA 1700 mounting kit for existing All In One liquid coolers LEVANTE 240 and LEVANTE 360’s customers free of charge, offering customers to use their current XPG coolers with the new 12th generation Intel Alder Lake CPUs. Both XPG LEVANTE 240 and LEVANTE 360 are compatible with the new Intel socket LGA 1700, and the new mounting kit will be available free of charge.”

How To Apply!

While XPG is asking for proof of purchase before they will provide you with the kit, when compared to others, they’re certainly more flexible in this regard with them happily accepting evidence of owning either an XPG cooler, 12th generation CPU and/or LGA 1700 motherboard. – While technically offered for free of charge, however, customers may be required to cover postage costs, which, if we’re being honest, sounds perfectly reasonable.

If you do, therefore, want to contact XPG for your LGA 1700 upgrade kit, you need to contact their customer services which you can do via the link here!

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