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ADATA XPG CyberCore 1000W & 1300W PSUs Revealed

ADATA, or more specifically their premium gaming division XPG, has just revealed the latest addition to their already fantastic range. The new XPG CYBERCORE modular power supply, which comes in two variants. There’s a mighty 1000w unit, and if that’s not enough, there’s a beastly 1300w variant. That’s quite a lot of power and likely a lot more than many systems will actually need, but that’s not to say there’s no demand for powerful units like this. Even better, both the new PSUs come with the super-efficient 80 Plus Platinum rating, which has been verified by industry experts at Cybernetics.

The new power supplies come equipped with the XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM fan. XPG say this is a high precision Japanese dual bearing design, which should offer lower noise and high airflow as one would hope for in a premium product like this. The Nidec fans feature a curved design that offers maximum effectiveness. The fans begin spinning with a zero RPM low-load mode until around 30% power load to initiate the fan spin. The design has two main benefits – prolonged fan life expectancy and most importantly it enables a compact form factor at only 160 mm length, one of the smallest in the Platinum category.

XPG CYBERCORE utilises high-quality Japanese capacitors, which are rated for 105°C and an advanced Interleaved PFC (Power Factor Correction) that regulates and stabilizes voltage, distributing power at optimal efficiency. Exploring the digital side of power, XPG added a Digital PMIC (Power Management IC) to help increase performance management and stability.

For peace of mind, the XPG CYBERCORE is backed by eight industrial-level mechanisms and a 10-year warranty. So while they don’t come cheap, it sounds like a pretty sound investment in the long run. The CYBERCORE series will be available through Amazon and other online retailers with an MSRP of $259.99 for the 1000w and $299.99 for the 1300w.

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