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Amazon adds fitness tracking features to Echo Buds

Amazon is adding fitness tracking features to its Echo Buds. Amazon Echo Buds users will have to tell Alexa to start tracking fitness. Amazon inits support page mentioned that with your Echo Buds, you can use the Alexa app for tracking workouts. You can check Calories Burned, Workout Distance, Step Count, Average Pace and Overall Time.
With the Echo Buds, you can now start a workout using the Alexa app or by saying “Start a workout.” To stop a workout, you will have to say, “End my workout.”
The Echo Buds were launched at a price of $129 in August. It’s a true wireless earbuds that offers Alexa support. The earbuds come with a premium speaker driver that claims to offer crisp and dynamic audio. Amazon has also included the Bose Active Noise Reduction technology to eliminate background noise. Apart from this, the Echo Buds also comes with hands-free Alexa that can be used to control smart home devices, play music, listen to audiobooks, make calls and more. In addition to this, the earbuds can also be used with Google Assistant and Siri.
In terms of battery life, the Echo Buds are rated to deliver around 5 hours of music playback per charge and up to 2 hours with 15 min quick charge. The charging case is also capable of delivering around 20 hours of listening time.

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