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Amazon ‘Ring’ Home Security is Down?

There is a good chance that some of you reading this may utilize an Amazon Ring home security device. They do, after all, come with a number of excellent features. Among them is being able to communicate with people at your door without the need to open it. Pretty handy if you’re feeling a little anti-social.

One of the primary perks of these smart devices, however, is that through your smartphone, if someone rings your bell, you can get a live video feed of them without the necessity of you even being inside the property! – Following various reports on ‘DownDetector‘, however, it seems that the Amazon security devices may be experiencing, as we write, some huge issues!

Amazon Ring Security Problems?

Firstly, we should note that we have, at least at the time of writing, absolutely no idea what is causing the current apparent outage issue. It seems pretty clear, however, that with reports being made in the tens of thousands, and with 76% of them being made by mobile app users, that this is almost certainly this is something to do with the Amazon Ring network or servers.

Our best guess is that people are attempting to access their Ring device and are finding that it does not work. Well, more specifically, that it probably isn’t able to successfully connect.

When Will Things Be Fixed?

As can be seen in the figures above, it appears that the initial problems were detected at around 1 pm (GMT) today and have since continued to grow throughout the afternoon. Something that is probably to do with people actually getting home from work and finding that their ‘Ring’ device did not function correctly.

So, what is there to be done? – Well, unfortunately, we have no solution for you here. As above, we don’t even yet know what’s causing this issue. The best thing we can suggest, however, is that if you are experiencing problems, log into your account and get in touch with their technical support team. – Albeit, you remember that 76% of reports above coming from mobile app users? – Well, 20% of the remaining issues are specifically in regards to logging in. So don’t be too surprised if that doesn’t work either!

You can visit the official ‘Ring’ website via the link here!

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