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AMD Confirms Radeon 6000 Powered Laptops are ‘Coming Soon’

While AMD has been making big strides in reclaiming market shares in both desktop CPUs and GPUs, they’ve still got a long and arguably uphill battle to rebuild their success with laptops. A factor that certainly wasn’t helped by the fact that the first-gen Ryzen laptop releases were, by and large, pretty crap.

With Ryzen now firmly established as a mobile platform, however, it seems some big news is coming. Following a report via TechPowerUp, AMD has confirmed that Radeon RX 6000 series laptops are definitely on the way. And better still, they’re apparently “coming soon”.

AMD Radeon RX 6000 Gaming Laptops

There are definitely more than a few people interested in the potential of ‘All-AMD’ based laptops. One of the biggest problems Team Red has had in this regard though is, put simply, very few manufacturers have been interested in them. Intel and Nvidia have the laptop market pretty well sewn up.

One of the biggest key points for an AMD based gaming laptop, therefore, would be to provide comparable performance at a significantly lower price. They could potentially achieve something that would undoubtedly be a factor that would turn the heads of companies such as HP, Dell, and MSI.

What Do We Think?

In throwing a wet towel over this news, we should point out that ‘coming soon’ is a very vague term. I mean, how soon is ‘soon’? – Based on the announcement, however, we can presume that some announcement can be anticipated in the next couple of months and, as such, if you are potentially looking at getting a new gaming laptop, it might be in your interest to wait and see what AMD has to offer you! I mean, if it’s 9/10ths the performance at 2/3rds the comparative price, it might be well worth checking out!

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