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Apple Defends Removing Power Adaptors From iPhone 12

Following the release of the iPhone 12 late last year, while the reception from the community has largely been more than a little positive surrounding the new smartphone design, there were more than a few disgruntled at a decision Apple had made regarding it. Namely, that they decided to no longer bundle-in power adaptors as standard. – Put simply, while you still got the cable, you didn’t get the plug.

Following a report via Engadget, however, Apple has defended this decision stating that through the removal of this one component, they believe that has saved around 861,000 tons of metal.

Apple iPhone 12

Speaking at their ‘2021 Environmental Progress Report’, Apple has said that the decision to remove power adaptors has not only saved materials that, in many cases, may have been disposed of, they also found the means to reduce the size of the phone’s packaging. They claim that this now allows them to transport around 70% more iPhone 12’s on shipping pallets than under the old system.

So, environment and efficiency is the order of the day it would seem. Does this really justify it’s removal though? Well, the short answer is a yes, with a but.

What Do We Think?

Despite making some significant overtures as to how Apple is attempting to become more environmentally friendly, there is one major key argument I could make against it from a consumer standpoint. Yes, I’ll freely concede that I have more than enough USB power adaptors in my life and the addition of one more certainly isn’t necessary. Put simply though, and I’ll happily concede that this is a very cynical point, while trying to help the planet is certainly a noble cause, has Apple decided to pass the inherent savings this has provided them with onto consumers? Something tells me that if you were to ask them directly, they might politely start to answer you, but trail off at the end.

Given that even a relatively standard iPhone 12 model starts at around £700… Somehow, I have my doubts!

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