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Apple to Release a VR Headset Before AR Glasses?

It’s been well-known for more than a little while now that Apple has been investing a lot of money into the development of AR (augmented reality) glasses. To date, however, no products have yet seen the light of day nor has there been any overly encouraging news suggesting that a release date is even remotely in sight. – Following a report via Chiphell, however, sources reportedly close to the tech giant are suggesting that since the development of their AR glasses is taking so long, the company has decided, instead, to initially release a VR headset. And more so, that it might arrive significantly sooner!

Apple to Release VR Headset

It is understood that Apple is very keen to not create their AR glasses as simply a peripheral to their highly-popular iPhone designs. It is, instead, intended to be an exceptionally niché product that, when compared to its admittedly limited rivals, will be vastly superior in practically all conceivable ways. – With such a lofty target set, however, development is taking much longer than anticipated. In fact, some are suggesting that their plans for a 2023 release of it may already be more than a little dubious. As such, in order to attempt to address and utilize some of the developments already made, the source is claiming that Apple will instead look to push the release of a VR headset. Better still, it might be ready to make its debut at some point in 2022 (which is next year just in case you’re not paying much attention to your calendar at the moment).

What Do We Think?

Apple choosing to release a VR headset is certainly a very interesting proposition with them representing one of the few companies who have both the money and resources to truly kick the design and technology into a whole new gear. – Given that this is a rumor, however, you are clearly advised to take this with a pretty hefty grain of salt. – You have to admit though, an Apple VR headset genuinely does seem to represent more of a ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. Albeit, be it the VR headset or AR glasses, given that this is Apple we’re talking about, just don’t expect either product to be cheap!

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