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BIOSTAR Gaming X RGB DDR4 Memory Revealed

BIOSTAR has just revealed the latest addition to their growing range of memory. The new DDR4 RGB Gaming X series RAM modules look to be ticking all the right boxes for the modern PC gaming builders out there. Equipped with stylish designs, plenty of RGB thrills and competitive speeds, they should be welcome additions to many PC gaming setups.

“Enjoy blazing fast speeds with BIOSTAR’s latest DDR4 RGB Gaming X series RAMs. Highly optimized for gaming and content creation, the new RAM modules are the best in business with extreme performance and reliability.” – BIOSTAR

BIOSTAR Gaming X RGB DDR4 Memory

The latest DDR4 RGB Gaming X series will be launching with both single and dual-stick kits available. With a single stick carrying 8 GB of memory capacity, allowing you to build a configuration that best suits your needs; 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, etc.

The Gaming X RGB DDR4 kits will also be available at speeds of 3200 MHz and 3600 MHz. However, BIOSTAR claims you’ll be able to overclock them up to 4000 MHz “with ease”. If it’s so easy, when not sell it as a 4000 MHz kit then? I do have to wonder about that one. The DIMMs fully support the latest Intel or AMD platforms and carry BIOSTAR certified DDR4 OC memory chips that they say “perform faster and more reliably than anything else in the market.” I’m not saying they don’t. Still, it’s BIOSTARs words, not mine.

RGB Sync

BIOSTAR RGB SYNC allows users to personalize the DDR4 lighting controls and provide more options to fully customize the DDR4 lighting.


Highly customizable, the new kits work well with BIOSTAR’s RGB control software so users can pick between their favourite lighting colours and patterns. In conclusion, the new DDR4 RGB Gaming X series RAMs are an excellent choice for consumers looking for a great, reliable product for their build. BIOSTAR places great importance on the compatibility of its products. Its DDR4 memory modules are compatible with many motherboards from different manufacturers and work even better with the combination of BIOSTARS’s globally renowned motherboards.

Price and Availability

While no prices were confirmed in the press release, we expect them to be very competitive, as BIOSTAR often are. For more information, you can visit the product pages of the 8 GB and 16 GB variants.

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