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Cherry launches the G80-3000N RGB TKL keyboard

The Cherry G80-3000 has been available in various versions since way back in the 1980s, and a keyboard with this model name/number is still available today. A few hours ago, Cherry revealed significant modern updates for this iconic input devices in the forms of the new G80-3000N RGB full-sized and G80-3000N RGB TKL keyboards. I’m going to focus my attention on the latter below, as it delivers the biggest change, and Cherry has actually published its product page.

On the G80-3000N RGB TKL keyboard product pages, Cherry seems to be debating the point of its newest keyboards by praising the original G80-3000N, and asking “why change what is already perfect?” It quickly remembers what its design teams have been working on for the last few months (years?) by outlining the improvements that it has delivered to the new G80-3000N RGB TKL (and full sized version); a slimmer contemporary housing, RGB lighting with over 16 million colours, and the latest electronics. Other obvious improvements with the TKL version are a much more compact desk presence, and the ability to place the mousing and general typing areas closer together – for those that seldom use the numpad.

The new G80-3000N models do indeed look very different, and I’d say much of the classic character has been erased. Nevertheless, Cherry insists that “keyboard lovers will, however, immediately recognize a relationship to the original variant: the lines and the formal language are a nod towards the keyboard of the 80s.” It pointedly adds that – there are no “superfluous bells and whistles in this reinterpretation”.

Some ‘non-superfluous’ gamer-friendly specs that this revamped modern take on the classic provides are bullet pointed below:

  • 16 million colour, configurable RGB backlighting
  • Full-N-Key Rollover
  • Anti-Ghosting
  • WIN key lock

Other tech specs which you might like to know are:

  • Key layout: product variable by region (UK, US, US-international, Germany, France, Pan Nordic) 87 + 1 keys except for US model with 86 + 1
  • Keyswitches: MX Silent Red
  • Keys: laser etched keycaps
  • Colour: black housing, black keys
  • Weight: 664g
  • Dimensions: 335 x 130 x 38mm
  • Cable length: 1.8m USB
  • Current consumption: 500mA
  • Software: Cherry Keys for adjusting system functions, macros, locks, program shortcuts, multimedia shortcuts and RGB lighting. Some configuration can be done using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Warranty: 3 years

Without a choice of keyswitch other than MX Silent Red, I don’t think this is aimed at any segments other than gaming. Perhaps later, Cherry will offer at least one or two more keyswitch choices in some regions.

According to ComputerBase, the Cherry G80-3000N RGB TKL keyboard will become available from the start of September and be priced at €80. I don’t have any such details for the full-sized version.

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