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CORSAIR H55, H100, & H150 RGB AIO CPU Coolers Revealed

CORSAIR has just announced the launch of three new all-in-one liquid CPU coolers: the H55 RGB, H100 RGB, and H150 RGB. As the name may suggest, these are three different sizes, and they’ll be available in 120 mm, 240 mm, and 360 mm respectively, to suit your needs.

Of course, the Corsair coolers also come with the latest Corsair SP120 RGB ELITE fans with AirGuide technology. The H55 RGB, H100 RGB, and H150 RGB combine low-noise performance cooling motherboard-controlled RGB lighting. Furthermore, they’re broadly compatible with virtually all modern Intel and AMD CPUs and come with a competitive three-year warranty for long-lasting peace of mind.

CORSAIR H55 RGB, H100 RGB, and H150 RGB

“The All-in-one liquid coolers offer everything you need to keep your CPU running at peak performance, including fans, coolant, and radiator, in a single closed loop that’s easy to install and maintain. The multiple radiator sizes offered ensure that you’ll find a cooler that will fit your case or style of build. Each cooler is equipped with one, two, or three SP120 RGB ELITE fans, running up to 1,500 RPM with AirGuide technology for concentrated airflow and improved low-noise performance. A thermally optimized copper cold plate and low-noise pump ensure quiet yet efficient cooling.”


Of course, this is Corsair, so they’ve done the RGB in bulk. You’ll find 13 bright, individually addressable RGB LEDs on the pump head and eight per fan. TheH55 RGB, H100 RGB, and H150 RGB will shower your system in stunning lights rather than leaks, which is great, of course! Each comes with flexible +5V ARGB support, so you can control your cooler’s lighting via compatible motherboards and their software.

Modular Mount Kit

Each new cooler comes with a modular, tool-free mounting bracket for quick and easy installation on all modern CPU sockets, including LGA 1200,115X, 2066, and AM4, with pre-applied thermal material.

Availability & Warranty

CORSAIR H55 RGB, H100 RGB, and H150 RGB All-in-One Liquid CPU Coolers are available immediately and are backed by a three-year warranty, alongside the CORSAIR worldwide customer service and technical support network. Check with your local retailers for up to date prices and stock information.

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