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DeepCool Gamer Storm Castle 360EX A-RGB AIO CPU Cooler Revealed

DeepCool has just revealed the latest addition to their popular Gamer Storm Castle series of AIO coolers. The new Gamer Storm Castle 360EX A-RGB, which is now the new flagship model of the series! Of course, we’ve seen this design before. It’s something DeepCool has put out for a few years now, but what upgrades can you expect to see?

While the older generation of Castle EX AIOs are impressive already, DeepCool has made things better. There’s a new dual-chamber pump that can now run up to 2550 RPM at its top speed. They’ve also revised the coolant path in the pump/block and revised the design of the cold plate with 25% more copper microfins. Of course, all of this should provide an improvement in reliability and performance.

DeepCool Gamer Storm Castle 360EX A-RGB AIO

The aesthetics look broadly the same, though, with that stunning RGB pump with ring lighting. However, the block now has a more advanced ARGB configuration and infinity mirror design, which is a little cooler looking than the old models, without changing too much.

Beyond that, you still get a 360mm radiator, which features their air-pressure normalisation technology, DeepCool Anti-Leak. I’ve seen that in action on previous models, it will improve reliability and efficiency over the cooler’s life span.

Finally, you also get three of DeepCoolers CF120 fans, which feature hydraulic bearings for low-noise performance and long lifespan. These can operate from 500 to 1800 RPM, pushing up to 69.34 CFM of air flow at 2.42 mm H₂O pressure, with a max noise output of 30 dBA.

We expect the cooler to hit retailers any time now, and you can expect a retail price of around $170 in the US, and most likely around £130-150 here in the UK, but I’m just guessing on that one.

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