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emTek Miracle 3070 – Another GPU You’ll Probably Never See!

Ever heard of emTek? – Don’t be ashamed if the answer is no as even we have only encountered their name on a handful of occasions. As a South Korean manufacturer, however, they have often provided the market with some of (arguably) the best-looking graphics cards around. And with the launch of their ‘Miracle’ RTX 3070, we certainly have another exceptionally good looking creature here.

There is, however, quite a notable downside to this story. You see, for as amazing as it looks, the chances are almost certain that 99.9% of you reading this will never see it in the flesh!

emTek Miracle RTX 3070

Coming in a report via Videocardz, the emTek Miracle RTX 3070 is certainly an exceptionally attractive graphics card with its twin-fan triple slot design with more than a few RGB bells and whistles thrown into the mix. Put simply, of all the 3070 custom-designs revealed to date, this is up there with some of my favorites.

If you are, however, already looking at placing your pre-order, there is a pretty hefty catch. Namely, that like many of these more unique offerings (and most specifically, created within Asia) this GPU will be only be sold exclusively within South Korea.

What Do We Think?

It is always a matter of mild frustration that in terms of aesthetics, Asia always seems to come up with far more attractive graphics card designs than we get here in the West. In fact, in terms of truly unique GPUs I have personally witnessed, the XFX ‘Thicc’ is one of the few models I think really sticks in my mind.

So, while the emTek Miracle RTX 3070 is certainly a joy to behold, more than anything, I think it’s just disappointing that I, or you, will probably never get to see one up close and personal!

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