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Fresh Rumor Suggests Apple’s Folding Phone is Set for 2023

Many would argue, and I think with some success, that despite the innovations the company introduced back with the launch of their first iPhone back in 2007, Apple has somewhat stagnated in recent years. Don’t get me wrong, their smartphone camera technology today is amazing, but in terms of bringing something truly new to the market, well, I can’t think of much they’ve done in recent years. Even in terms of folding phones, they are in many respects lagging behind their so-called competition, with Samsung already having several models available to buy now.

Following a report via Engadget, however, fresh inside information claims that while we shouldn’t expect anything this year, Apple may finally be ready to debut their folding iPhone design by 2023!

Apple Folding iPhone

The inside source has claimed information coming directly from both Apple and the manufacturer of the screen. Based upon this, they suggest that the first folding iPhone will be released in (probably) 2023 and will initially begin with an 8″ screen design. However, the source also suggests that the screen is being created by Samsung, which is clearly a bit awkward. Their soon-to-be competitive Galaxy smartphones already feature similar but likely (when Apple releases their) lower quality folding screen technology.

What Do We Think?

Apple seems exceptionally confident that their folding iPhone will be popular, already estimating first-year sales of around 15 to 20 million units. Albeit, as with anything carrying their branding, consumers shouldn’t expect to this be cheap, so you might want to start saving now. And even then, 2023 might ultimately come around a bit too soon for what we expect these to cost!

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