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Havit RGB Headphones Stand Review

With an increasing number of us involved in video calls and virtual meetings for work, and a rising gaming community, a computer headset has become a vital piece of equipment. Most of the best quality headsets are the over-the-head variety, which has strong audio and microphone capabilities but also takes up the most space. Headphone stands give you a storage solution that prevents you from cluttering up your desk with one, or more, headsets. They also help to protect your headphones from scratches and spillages, and, depending on which option you choose, can enhance your environment with coloured lights.

Today we will talk about the Havit Headset Stand, a budget RGB headset stand. This stand is approximately 28cm tall and has a non-slip, weighted rubber base that gives you stability and ensures your headphone set is suspended above the desk, safe from wear and tear. The stand also has five lighting settings, so you can change the LED colour at the touch of a button to fit your mood or gaming environment. Alternatively, you can switch the light off entirely if it is a distraction.

In the box you get the headset stand and a set of instruction.

On the bottom right side we can find two USB 2.0 ports, a headphone 3.5mm jack and the button for RGB.

The headset stand built quality is actually pretty good for the price and looks very solid. The material used is a thick plastic and the base is weighted as well, making this stand a strong one. On the bottom of the base there are four rubber pads to stop it from slipping, again the quality is great and you shouldn’t have to worry about falling off or push it off the desk accidentally. It has plenty of height so you should be able to fit any pair of headphones on it, and as I said before, the base weight is on point and it will keep your headset still without flipping over. Besides RGB, which is the main feature of this stand, there are two more features: it has a soundcard built in and once you connect it to the PC it will automatically install the driver for it, and two 2.0 USB ports that you can use it for different purposes.

Now let’s talk about the RGB lightning. There are two downsides though. The headset has only 5 effects and the brightness of the LEDs could have been better. However, the majority will buy this stand for the wave effect, and that looks really awesome. The stand also has a static rainbow effect, breath effect, which goes for a random selection of colors, pulse effect and static color. The LEDs are all around the base and the logo has some lightning as well. As mentioned before, the brightness is quite low and here is a comparison between the Havit stand and the Razer mouse charger lightning.

However, at the end of the day it is just a headset stand and this one looks pretty good for the buck. I picked this one from Aliexpress for $18 and the package came in 4 days. You can also find it on Amazon for the price of 25 euros.


Build Quality


The Havit RGB Headphones Stand looks pretty good for the buck, having a solid construction, decent lighting and it is one of the cheapest product on the market.

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The Havit RGB Headphones Stand looks pretty good for the buck, having a solid construction, decent lighting and it is one of the cheapest product on the market.Havit RGB Headphones Stand Review