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Innr Smart Button and Remote Control make your smart lights smarter

Innr, the Dutch smart light specialist, has revealed a couple of new control methods for its smart light bulbs. The Innr Smart Switch and Remote Control are now both on sale.

Both of the new accessories require an Innr Bridge to operate, it seems that they can’t be paired directly to a Hue Bridge or a SmartThings Hub, as the Innr bulbs can.

However, that’s not all doom and gloom as the latest-gen Innr Bridge offers compatibility with Hue and other Zigbee smart bulbs, so it’s a much better investment than it once was.

Back to the new devices and the Innr Smart Remote Control can be programmed to control single or groups of Innr lights (both Zigbee and Wi-Fi variants) and has an array of buttons for scene switching and dimming.

The Button obviously lacks a few physical controls compared to the Remote Control, a solitary switch rather than five but, like the awesome Flic 2 smart buttons, can be programmed to do different things to your smart lights based on a single, double or held press.

Innr is making quite a name for itself in the smart lighting world. The Dutch brand, set up in 2012 by a bunch of ex-Hue and Ikea employees, makes affordable, easy-to-use, smart light bulbs, light accessories and other connected products, and is fast becoming a favorite here at The Ambient HQ.

We’re looking forward to testing the new smart switches and we’re hoping for future additions to make them more useful; think Alexa and Google Home routines and the like.

That’s what the top smart buttons on sale offer now.

At just £17.49 though, the new Innr duo look to be a fantastic addition to any Innr smart light setup.


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