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Intel Alder Lake-S Non-K Retail Model Images Appear Online!

It’s been well known for quite a while now that following the initial release of Alder Lake-S earlier this month, Intel would be following this up with their more generic range of processors in January. While this is, of course, still pending confirmation, we know it it’s almost certainly going to happen at CES 2022, and you probably know it too. We’re just waiting on the official rubber stamp. In addition to that all-but-confirmed information, however, following a report via Videocardz, images have appeared online that claim to be ‘retail’ versions of Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake-S non-K processors.

Intel Alder Lake-S Non-K Retail Models

The images come courtesy of ‘DDAA117‘, the same source that provided us early images of both the Core i9-12900K and i5-12600K which, as you’re probably aware, was released earlier this month. The particularly interesting aspect of this leak, however, is that these are apparently not engineering samples. The source is claiming that the processors pictured here are the full-blown retail versions.

In other words, these are pretty much exactly what we can expect to see when these non-K processors are released. More so though, this confirms that full-blown production of these is definitely underway. A factor that practically cements their January launch date.

Worth A Look?

Although these are clearly not expected to be as potent as their primary launch models (largely based on the fact that non-K processors are not designed for in-built overclocking), we’ve already heard some exceptionally good things about the more entry to mid-level focused i5-12400 and i5-12500 CPUs. Some sources are already claiming that these will be at least on par with the Ryzen 5600X, and who knows, perhaps better.

More than the launch of these new Alder Lake-S CPUs, however, many consumers are hoping that January will also see the launch of more accessible motherboard models. Z690 is good, but it’s also expensive!

With their formal launch expected at CES 2022, however, which kicks off on January 5th, big and interesting things are definitely on the way for Intel and its customers!


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