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Intel Doubles Down that Alder Lake-S is the Start of a New Period of Dominance!

With the upcoming release of Alder Lake-S, early indications are already suggesting that the new processor platform is going to represent a pretty substantial generational performance leap for Intel. While this should potentially give Ryzen 5000 a huge run for its money, Intel has already gone on record to say that they fully anticipate that Alder Lake-S will mark the beginning of the end for AMD being viewed by consumers (rightly or wrongly) as the more innovative/progressive company. – Fighting words for sure!

Following a report via TechSpot, however, it seems that Intel’s Pat Gelsinger is not willing to back down over this position. In fact, he has just doubled down to say that Alder Lake-S is just the start of a whole new period of market dominance from Intel!

Intel to ‘Leave AMD in its Wake’

Now, Intel is, of course, expected to say a lot when it comes to Alder Lake-S. It is, after all, a brand new processor platform and whenever any new piece of tech is released, it’s nearly always subject to a little (or a lot of) hyperbole. Speaking in an interview, however, Pat Gelsinger has taken his prior comments much further by suggesting that Alder Lake-S is literally just the beginning of what they consider to be a brand new period of market and performance dominance for Intel. Put simply, and reading between the lines, what he is saying is that AMD is simply not going to be able to compete or keep up anymore and the successful period seen for them with the Ryzen platform is, effectively, over.

What Do We Think?

As noted above, such comments are nearly always expected when a new product is about to hit the market. These, however, are certainly a shade above what we usually see. Very rarely has Intel fired shots so directly at AMD. It is though, hard to deny the position they are in. For the last 4 years, AMD has (arguably) been viewed as the far more preferable alternative to Intel for many consumers. Myself included.

Of course though, while we expect Alder Lake-S to be good, and probably significantly ‘better’ than Ryzen 5000, the price war will seemingly always continue to be on AMD’s side. Yes, performance is good, but what you can actually afford will always be better! – While some might accuse Intel of arrogance here, the bottom line is that they could potentially be telling the truth. However, with such comments, they are definitely setting the bar high and only increasing the potential distance their reputation can fall.

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