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Intel i9-11900K Already Overclocked to Just Over 7GHz

We should note that officially speaking, the latest Intel Rocket Lake-S processors are still not out yet. With them set to hit shelves literally in just a couple of days, however, there are clearly more than a few consumers anxious to see just how good these new 11th-gen CPUs really are. In something that is a moderate surprise, however, following a report via Videocardz, somebody has already managed to overclock an Intel Core i9-11900K to just over 7Ghz.

Intel Core i9-11900K

With three scores submitted to the CPU-Z validation board by user ‘Rog-Fisher’ very little is actually known about how this was achieved aside from the fact that it was done on an ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Apex motherboard which is always a popular model with the extreme overclocking community. Based on this information and the user name, however, we can only presume that this has been done either on behalf of, or at least with ASUS’ blessing!

That Had to Be Toasty!

Given that a colossally huge power output of 1.873 volts was required to achieve this presumably semi-stable overclock, we simply have to be in the realms of liquid nitrogen/extreme overclocking here and, as such, this doesn’t appear to be achievable for the average user. Let’s be honest though, 7GHz on a single core is a practically obscene figure, and remember, this is a very soon to be released processer and, as such, while amazingly impressive now, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone manages to get that even higher when samples are (hopefully) more readily available!


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