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Intel Starts Discounting 10th-Gen Comet Lake-S CPUs

Towards the end of last month, Intel confirmed that it would be changing the packaging of its i9-10900K processor into something a little more basic. Something reasonably inane and not overly indicative of anything other than a move to reduce costs with the upcoming launch of their new flagship Rocket Lake-S platform just on the horizon, right?… – Well, at the time, I speculated that while this might not have appeared to be overly important news, it could’ve been indicative that price cuts were on the way!

Well, following a report via MyDrivers (translated from Chinese), it would appear that, at least in some parts of the world, this has already begun!

Intel Comet Lake-S Processors!

Although this is currently a very fluid situation, it has been confirmed on both the Asian and American Amazon website that Intel 10th-gen processors have just seen, in some areas, pretty huge discounts applied to them. Some of the key examples can be seen below:

  • Core i7-10700F – $229.99 (discounted by around $75)
  • Core i5-10400F – $150 (discounted by around $50)
  • Core i7-10700K – $344 (discounted by around $40)
  • Core i9-10900KF – $463 (discounted by around $35)

What Do We Think?

In so far as I can tell, at least at the time of writing, these discounts haven’t yet been applied to Amazon’s storefront within the UK or Europe. Given that these deals are already live in America and Asia, however, it does appear to be only a matter of time before, quite frankly, some pretty amazing processors will be available at some notably reasonable prices.

Yes, it will shortly be outdated tech, overall though, the Intel 10th-gen Comet Lake-S platform is still, generally speaking, excellent and given that stock levels are not a problem here (unlike AMD Ryzen 5000’s), Intel could be onto a big winner here!

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