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Latest Intel driver makes reference to DG2 GPUs

Perhaps it is time for those who have not tied their GPU preferences to a particular flagpole to start looking forward to Intel’s first gamer / enthusiast targeted discrete GPUs. VideoCardz has spotted that Intel has just released a new graphics driver and it makes specific reference to two DG2 GPUs; one with 128 Execution Units (EUs) and another packing in 512 EUs. For reference DG1 sports a maximum of 96 EUs.

In case you need a refresher, DG2 fills the sizable gap between Integrated/entry level graphics and data centre/AI level GPUs with a GPU that has been optimised for PC enthusiasts and gamers. There is a nod to the gamer segment in the naming of this new tweener GPU – Xe HPG. It has dedicated raytracing hardware too.

Below you can see a snippet from the latest 100.9126 GPU driver code, with commented lines referring to two DG2 variants. You can see one looks to have 128 EUs (1,024 shaders) and another 512 EUs (4,096 shaders) – that in itself presents quite a gap but there have been previous leaks of a 384 EU part – but perhaps that will come a little later than the cheapest and top models.

Last October Intel told investors that it had successfully powered on DG2 silicon for the first time. A few weeks earlier it outlined its architectural strategy with Xe HPG for the first time, and said that DG2 would be manufactured by a third party. Most sources reckon these GPUs will be made by TSMC on its N6 process.

The first we see of DG2 might not be in discrete graphics cards for desktop PC gamers but in gaming laptops with Tiger Lake-H processors. VideoCardz tips this mobile introduction to take place in Q2 this year, which isn’t so far off.

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