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LG Electronics Develops Complex Smart Sensors For Cleaner Homes

By leveraging its own next-generation connected IoT devices and their rapidly evolving capabilities, LG is taking on the mission of creating the smart home of the future.

Connectivity across devices and appliances has promised to make consumers’ day-to-day lives more efficient, effective, and convenient. Mobile devices that connect to refrigerators, washing machines, and coffee makers are only the first step into this new and ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, smart devices, and the internet of things. In order to not just boost the efficiency of appliances but fundamentally reorder the functionality of homes and offices, LG Electronics is developing new complex smart sensors to promote wellness by gathering information about spatial environments and relay that information to devices that move beyond the countertop to include HVAC systems and other fundamental architectural elements of homes and buildings. 

An HVAC system relies on a thermostat to ensure precise temperatures, and that thermostat must be accurate in order for the temperatures produced to be precise. Of course, a thermostat doesn’t measure humidity, just temperature. So, for a HVAC system to do a truly efficient and effective job controlling temperature, it must also have access to humidity readings. LG’s HVAC offerings already operate at this level of complexity, and the company’s DUAL sensing solution and smart sensors can increase energy efficiency by up to 31%. The company is now developing a suite of smart sensors for the home that can handle much more than two inputs, and produce results that are proportionally more efficient. 

One important focus for LG is the development of a complex sensor hub linking all the key functional components of a house to one smart management system. The smart home sensors will be able to detect toxic indoor dust and other harmful substances, as well as detect room occupancy and the amount of sunlight entering a space. The main sensor hub is designed to hang on the wall similar to a high-tech clock.  A growing appreciation for health-optimized spaces and personal wellbeing, paired with intensified focus on both cleanliness and safety is driving new consumer interest in the ways the environments they spend time in impact them. LG’s focus on smart devices that support cleanliness and personal wellness is part of this growing trend. 

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