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Meeting cameras from Sandberg

Sandberg have launched a whole new range of ‘ConfCams’, webcams specially developed for meetings.

Brand Director at Sandberg A/S Anders Partida Petersen says: “Online conferences are a business area in dynamic growth. Investing on this scale in this product area is something new for Sandberg, but we have already received excellent response from the market. There are lots of professional users prepared to pay for top-quality cameras with a 5-year warranty that simply work, providing professional quality as soon as the USB is plugged in.”

In comparison to standard webcams, the image quality is prioritised much higher than low price for a ConfCam. There are also some ConfCams that offer extra features, such as:

All-in-1A camera with built-in microphones and speaker
EPTZPan, tilt and zoom using a remote control
Wide angleMore meeting delegates can be seen in the same image using wide angle optics
Noise reductionFilters out background noise for a clear speaker’s voice
Echo cancellationPrevents echoing

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