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Microsoft (Sort Of) Reveals Surface Laptop 4 is Out Soon

Microsoft’s ‘Surface’ range of laptops has, perhaps surprisingly, proven to be a very popular choice with consumers. Admittedly, their sleek, smart, and exceptionally functional design clearly plays a big role in that, but given that it’s been a little while now since the series saw any notable update, it’s always been suspected that something new might be imminently on the horizon.

Well, following a report via The Verge, it would appear that the Surface Laptop 4 might be set for a release in the exceptionally near future. How do we know this? Well, Microsoft has (sort of – and perhaps accidentally) just semi-confirmed it themselves!

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Following an update to their support website, a clear reference can be seen to a ‘Surface Laptop 4’ model. And more so, the information within categorically points towards it featuring an AMD Ryzen processor. More so, a separate placeholder has also been spotted for an Intel-based system suggesting that the Surface Laptop 4 will feature options from both sides of the CPU fence.

What Can We Expect?

Well, take this with a grain of salt, but in terms of AMD, while the Ryzen 5000 platform has recently made its debut, it’s largely expected that these laptops will (only?) utilize the 4000-series design. For Intel, however, the news gets better as it’s understood that the Surface Laptop 4 will go with the brand new 11th-gen platform.

Given that a formal announcement is now excepted at any moment, however, the good news is that we will not have to wait too much longer to find out what configurations will be on offer for certain!


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