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Moonside lamps wield dynamic LED color zones, support Google Home and Alexa, more (40% off)

If holiday shopping has you scratching your head this season, it might be time to think outside the box. Smart lamps are a fun gift idea that just about everyone can enjoy, and Moonside has a couple of feature-packed lighting solutions that are bound to turn some heads. Moonside Lamp One and Neon Lighthouse trade the traditional barrel-shaped power source in favor of USB-C and offer a large number of LED zones that provide what feels like an endless number of lighting effects. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity pave the way for various integrations ranging from Alexa to Google Assistant, IFTTT, and more. Continue reading for a closer look at each of the models in the lineup. 

Moonside Lamp One

First up, we have the Moonside Lamp One. This smart light is 4 inches in diameter and stands 6.5 inches tall. The compact design packs quite a punch with 120 individually-addressable dynamic zones that can display 16-million colors. Lamp One is powered by an included 40-inch USB-C cable and 15W adapter. This modern approach to power helps curb the need to keep various adapters and charging bricks around the house.

The Moonside Lamp One can be controlled over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This versatile approach to connectivity ensures that users will retain access to features when away from home, while Bluetooth allows offline control of the device. When connected to Wi-Fi, smart home integrations include Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, and more. Lamp One generally sells for $99.90, but is currently discounted to $69.90. Even better, our readers can double down on savings and take an additional 15% off when using code 9to5toys at checkout. That works out to a subtotal .

Moonside Neon Lighthouse

Next up, we have Moonside’s Neon Lighthouse. This lamp towers 14 inches tall and wields a total of 90 individually-addressable dynamic color zones. Along the bottom is an aluminum base that comes in silver, black, blue, green, and pink colorways. Like Lamp One, Neon Lighthouse ships with a 40-inch USB-C cable and 15W power adapter. You’ll also find a dedicated Moonside Smart Controller and 12-inch Type-C cable.

Settings for the Neon Lighthouse can be tweaked over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with the same integrations offered by Lamp One. Both of Moonside’s smart lamps feature a 50,000-hour lifespan that’s built to last a decade. Neon Lighthouse could be the perfect gift for someone on your list and is also a great way to upgrade the look of your own space. Moonside’s Neon Lighthouse has a list price of $99.90, but can currently be purchased for $69.90. The exclusive code 9to5toys will slash another 15% off, reducing today’s spending to .

Both Lamp One and Neon Lighthouse also feature an individual pixel customization ability that is demonstrated by the photo above. Using the companion app, owners can dial in highly-customizable color settings. Additionally, Moonside lights can sync with the beat of music. There is no delay, paving the way for future jam sessions packed with vibrant, fast-paced color changes.

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