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MSI launches trio of 32-inch+ MPG eSports monitors

MSI has introduced a trio of flat-screen ‘frameless design’ IPS fast refresh rate, fast response rate, gaming monitors with Mystic Light RGB, aimed at eSports gamers. The new monitors fall under MSI’s Optix MPG branding and will be good for your PC gaming fun, as well as being ‘next-gen console’ compatible. These 32- to 34-inch monitors offer a decent selection of screen resolutions appropriate for their size, as well as gamer-friendly features.

The Optix MPG341QR has a 34-inch IPS screen with UWQUHD (3440×1440) resolution, which MSI reckons is “a great option for widescreen gaming”. There is a split in the range with the 32-inch Optix MPG321UR-QD and Optix MPG321QRF-QD monitors offering the extra vibrancy of quantum dot panels, in 3840×2160 and 2560×1440 pixels, respectively.

Whichever monitor you choose you will get at least 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms MPRT response time, VRR (consoles and Nvidia GeForce Compatible), at least VESA Display HDR400, KVM features, an adjustable stand (VESA mount compatibility), a USB hub, Mystic Light, gaming features/modes, low blue light and flicker free modes, and a selection of modern connector ports. Please consult the specs for the finer details and comparisons.

For gamers, remembering these MPG monitors are targeted at eSports players, MSI touts the advantages of features such as Sound Tune (AI-powered mic background noise removal), Night Vision equalizer settings, its Optix Scope aim magnifier, Smart Crosshairs colour contrast sensitive OSD crosshairs, and Smart Brightness for ambient comfort. MSI has a Gaming OSD app too, which makes configuring and recalling your favourite settings pretty easy on Windows. If you don’t want the software, you can just use the built-in 5-way OSD navigation.

MSI hasn’t yet shared availability or pricing for this new trio of eSports monitors.


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