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MSI Tease MEG Z690 GODLIKE Featuring a Touchscreen Display!

While we have already seen the launch of a number of excellent Z690 motherboards for Intel Alder Lake-S, MSI has still yet to officially confirm its flagship design. Well, following a report via Videocardz, an image of the MSI MEG Z690 GODLIKE has finally appeared online and boy does this look like a truly amazing design. Albeit, one that is likely to carry a not quite so excellent price tag!


Now, we should note that MSI has not formally confirmed the launch of the MEG Z690 GODLIKE. This is, instead, an image that has been posted by MSI as part of their CES 2022 awards. – This does, however, represent one of the first and best looks we’ve had at this flagship model and, while a fair bit of the design is open to interpretation, it seems pretty clear that this is definitely going to be an exceptionally high-end premium design. Quite possibly one of the top-spec Z690 motherboard models hitting the market!

In terms of what we can see, however, there are definitely two aspects that are definitely noteworthy. Firstly, we see a practically squared design. This is usually, but not always, reserved for workstation and/or HEDT models and certainly represents an unusual step for what will undoubtedly be a desktop model.

Secondly, though, we can see what appears to be a 3.5″ touchscreen LCD display! Now, for motherboards, this would definitely be something quite new. Sure, many models offer LCD displays, but very few (if any) that allow direct control via touchscreen control and this particular one from MSI would appear to allow the user to configure it to display key performance information including CPU temperature, clock speed, voltages, and even potentially custom images/GIF animations.

What Do We Think?

Given that this has been cited among their CES 2022 product awards, we can perhaps safely assume that this will formally be launched in early January when CES 2022 officially kicks off. – I do, however, think that it does without saying that while this represents a potentially amazingly potent motherboard, and, by proxy, it is not going to be cheap. And by that, we mean a price up to, and possibly in excess of, $1,000.

Let’s be honest though, if you’re looking to take your Alder Lake-S CPU to its highest possible level, then the MSI MEG Z690 GODLIKE would certainly seem to be an excellent platform to work from!

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