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MSI to crowdfund its Liberator gaming footswitch

MSI Gaming in Taiwan has been teasing a gaming footswitch dubbed the Liberator for a few weeks. It is touting the design as providing relief for your worn fingers, as well as improving your competitive play in games. Now MSI is preparing a crowdfunding style early bird pre-order system which allows purchases of Liberator footswitches at approx £70 (TWD$2,790), instead of the £100 (TWD$3,900) post launch retail price.

The MSI Liberator is featured in an embedded video on its Facebook page, and you can find out more about the device from following the link it shares here, to an opinion-finding questionnaire (translator plugin may be required). From reading around I have compiled the following key specs and features.

MSI Liberator key features:

  • Omron footswitch is rated for >10 million actuations
  • Macro input functions triggered by left, right, and/or step switches
  • Up to four pedals can be daisy chained
  • Width adjustable via choice of three magnetically attached blocks
  • Pedal counterweight for reduced fatigue
  • Non-slip pad
  • RGB lighting
  • Braided cable

It is suggested that the MSI Liberator will be a good choice for gamers who enjoy racing, RPG, MOBA, shooting games, fighting games, and others. MSI also shows the pedal being used in productivity tasks, having been set up for copy-paste functions, for example. Another good use of this input device might be for people will accessibility issues.

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