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New Webcams are becoming available

After the Covid-19 webcam shortage became a World-wide problem, new products are emerging and it seems we are slowly getting back on track. Proper image quality makes it easier for streamers to get more views. A new webcam from Sandberg will help them achieve this.

The Streamer USB Webcam has a 5-layer glass lens and autofocus. In addition, a circle of lights surrounding the lens itself, provides perfect lighting for a face and can be easily adjusted for brightness.

Frame rate is more important than resolution when it comes to creating content for streaming, and this is where the new webcam excels with up to 60 FPS. A noise-reducing stereo microphone also addresses audio performance.

The camera can be clipped on to the screen but it is recommended that the camera be combined with a tripod to provide a perfect picture without vibrations. The tripod ensures that the camera remains stable on the table. Sandberg has therefore launched a tripod together with the Streamer camera.

Both products are expected to hit the market by the end of this week.

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