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Noctua Confirms Compatibility Kits for Intel Alder Lake-S

Noctua is well known for being one of the most respectable PC hardware brands around and has regularly shown a strong interest in ensuring that their range of excellent CPU cooling products is entirely compatible with as many socket designs as possible. This was evident, for example, when AMD launched Ryzen back in 2017. Within many instances, Noctua offered their customers the opportunity to access the AM4 backplate/kit for either free or at an exceptionally minimal cost (usually just to cover the postage fee).

Well, following confirmation direct from the company, Noctua has at least 100% confirmed that with the launch of Intel’s new Alder Lake-S series expected later this year, their cooling products should have you covered!

Noctua on Alder Lake-S Compatibility

Although only specifically citing that compatibility will be offered for their NH-U12A cooler, given the overall similarity in installation methods that Noctua uses, this can be taken as an exceptionally strong indicator that all of their current CPU cooler models will have the option to be utilized on Alder Lake-S via an upgrade kit.

What Do We Think?

At the time of writing, it is unclear whether Noctua will provide this free of charge or whether a fee for it will apply. As above, as long as you can provide them with proof of ownership and/or purchase, they are (more often than not) generally happy to supply you with any necessary upgrade kits. – So, although pending 100% confirmation for all models, it does seem all but certain that if you are planning to check out Alder Lake-S, your Noctua CPU cooler should be (pending the kit) entirely happy to make the transition too!

If you do, incidentally, want to learn more about their cooling solutions, you can visit their official website via the link here!

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