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Nvidia 30XX’s Currently Being Sold for 3 Times the MSRP

We all know that graphics cards are currently prohibitively expensive. In fact, perhaps as expensive as they have ever been (relatively speaking). This is, of course, a problem largely compounded by three key factors; a cryptocurrency/mining resurgence, limited chipsets, and of course, just good old-fashioned high consumer demand. – Following a report via Videocardz, however, if you just needed confirmation of just how bad things are at the moment, then fresh market research conducted across various retailer in Europe has found that when compared to the ‘official’ MSRP, most Nvidia 30XX GPUs are currently being sold (or at least advertised) for three times that original amount!

Nvidia 30XX – MSRP’s Apparently Mean Nothing!

The research was conducted over a 5 month period and only took figures based on Nvidia 30XX graphics cards that were, at least in theory, listed as in stock and available for purchase. With these numbers, and when comparing it to the official MSRP stated by Nvidia, however, it was concluded that, on average, pretty much any Ampere-based GPU is currently being sold for three times as much as the original manufacturers suggested price throughout Europe.

What about AMD, though? While the Radeon 6000 series is slightly better in this particular regard, it’s still not much to have a song and dance about, as in those instances, it was found that they were being sold for double the MSRP.

What Do We Think?

Since the start of the year, we’ve been saying that based on the market right at this moment, MSRP’s mean absolutely nothing. It should be noted, though, that while this research certainly paints a pretty grim picture of the graphics card landscape (in terms of the impact on your wallet), it does not appear to have made any notable adjustments between reference and custom GPU designs. This is important as the latter will generally cost more but likely have slightly better stock levels. The former will be the ‘base’ platform for that MSRP costing (and good luck finding any Nvidia Founders Edition’s with retailers!).

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