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NZXT ponders gaming monitor market entry

NZXT is a generally well regarded PC cases, cooling, and motherboard vendor. It admittedly slipped up with the H1 chassis ‘fire hazard’ design recently but has been working to put things right, and it has a long history of excellent review scores here on Bit-Tech. So, would you welcome more PC kit from NZXT’s product designers? The firm surely hopes so as it seems to be planning to create a range of monitors, probably gaming monitors.

Dutch site Hardware.Info recently noticed NZXT advertising for a Principal Engineer vacancy. The engineer would be required to work at NZXT’s Banqiao, Taipei facilities on displays and monitors. The job summary is reproduced below:

“The Display/Monitor Engineering Lead, Principal Engineer will be responsible for the development and qualification of Flat Panel Displays for desktop monitors and portable products. This individual will be working on flat panel displays, both at the component and system level. This role will work with the system design team, the EE team, mechanical team, the supply base management team, and the display suppliers – and will be managing all activities necessary to deliver the display system from initial concept into final products / ,ass production.”

Elsewhere in its listing NZXT indicates that it is looking for a ‘head of technology’ with 15 years of experience in a similar role.

For the time being it looks like NZXT is looking to keep its monitor roadmap wide open. You can see that the job summary mentions both desktop monitors and portable products, so we could be looking at a wide range of screens here – from large desktop devices to USB connected portable screens. Perhaps it is even looking at NZXT branded laptop. The firm already has a range of pre-built and customisable desktop PCs available via NZXT BLD, but they are limited to North American distribution.

NZXT has a quite well-defined design aesthetic; however monitors have little scope for design frills up front as people prefer minimal bezels and functional stands, so I wouldn’t expect to see anything out of the ordinary from NZXT in this product niche.

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