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Philips Goes SuperWide With 498P9Z 49″ Monitor

Tired of only having a WideScreen 16:9 display, or perhaps even UltraWide 21:9 simply isn’t enough for you these days? Then fear not! As Philips are back with their latest SuperWide display, clocking in at a vision filling 32:9 aspect ratio. That’s right, it’s twice the width of a WideScreen monitor. Not only is that impressive, but at 49″, it’s also got some serious screen space to play around with.


With its 5120 x 1440 resolution, you’ll certainly have a lot of on-screen information. It’ll be just like having two 27″ 1440p gaming monitors side by side, but with zero bezel running down the middle, you get some awe-inspiring views.

What Philips Had to Say

“Any professional will be amazed by the extra screen real estate by upgrading to a 49″ monitor: spreadsheets become fully visible, while video makers and programmers can keep an eye on the previews and timelines at the same time. The screen’s 1800R curve ensures a more immersive and comfortable experience, mirroring the natural field of view and reducing glare and distortion. Architects, graphic designers, video makers, programmers and those working in finance all need space that allows multiple program windows to be visible at the same time, supporting their creativity and boosting their productivity – but this screen is certain to impress any user.” – Philips

Gaming & Working

Sure, big spreadsheets and video editing windows are awesome. However, the Philips 498P9Z also features a very impressive 165 Hz refresh rate, VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400, and Adaptive-Sync, which are sure to make it very appealing to gamers too. Not forgetting that all that width is going to give you incredible peripheral vision while playing your favourite games.

Additionally, it comes with other Philips technologies, such as anti-glare and low monitor reflection, eye care technologies like FlickerFree, EasyRead mode and LowBlue mode.

Built-in KVM Switch

There’s also MultiView technology and a built-in KVM switch. MultiView enables connecting multiple sources and viewing them side-by-side, so users can work with multiple devices like a PC and notebook simultaneously, while thanks to the MultiClient Integrated KVM switch, users will be able to control two separate PCs with one monitor-keyboard-mouse set up, easily toggling between sources.

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