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PlantsIO Announces the Launch of the Smart Planter Featuring Rich Expressions That Make Raising Plants Easy and Fun

PlantsIO Technology announced its latest innovation on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Ivy is a smart planter that has more than 70 different animations and interacts with humans in an intriguing way. What’s even more amazing is that Ivy can help users keep their plants alive and healthy. It is now available on Indiegogo: https://igg.me/at/PlantsIOIvy

Comes with more than 70 different animations to express different emotions related to various growing demands of the plant and gesture interaction features, Ivy became an adorable and interactive pet. Users will find Ivy to be a lovable companion which brings healing and peacefulness for anyone. It offers a completely different experience than any normal flowerpot.

Plants need care and attention, and Ivy helps users learn what their plant needs through its rich emotional expressions. With the help of Ivy, users don’t necessarily have experience growing the plants. Equipped with a wealth of sensors and a set of plant databases, Ivy scientifically and accurately measures the surrounding environment and analyzes the needs of the plant. Together with the AI system, Ivy triggers a wide range of expressions to show users exactly what the plant requires.

Additionally, Ivy is very resourceful and is capable of learning new things. Ivy will give users varying types of feedback when interacting with it. Each interaction will have a unique response depending on the users’ actions or the environment. Therefore, every Ivy is different.

Ivy can also be connected to smart home devices. It works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and hopefully it will be compatible with Apple HomeKit in the future. Let Ivy bring fantastic ideas to life.

About PlantsIO

The team is young and energetic with five years of intensive research experience on plants and AIOT. Prior to the creation of Ivy, the team focused on automation of plant raising on vertical surfaces, and developed large plant walls, plant screens for offices, and wall gardens for use at home. It has always been their dream to make plants into pet animals. The products flip the idea of growing plants, with the support, the team will bring Ivy to the world and revolutionize gardening.


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