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Retailer Briefly Lists Noctua NH-P1 Fanless CPU Cooler

It’s been well known for a couple of years now that Noctua was working on new passively cooled products. With recent reports suggesting that an official launch was imminent, following a report via TechPowerUp it seems that one major online retailer may have accidentally jumped the gun a little as, for a brief moment, the Noctua NH-P1 fanless CPU cooler was listed as available for purchase!

Noctua NH-P1 Fanless CPU Cooler

Briefly hitting Newegg during the night (and don’t bother looking now because it has since been removed) the Noctua NH-P1 was officially listed with the retailer and showcased the below image as part of the product description. While no detailed specifications of the cooler were available, the image itself looks entirely legitimate and in line with those that Noctua tend to create.

In other words, we don’t think that this is some kind of elaborate hoax. To us, this looks 100% legitimate.

Showing 6 heat pipes attached to what appears to be a colossally huge radiator stack, there is a lot of anticipation surrounding this coolers design. Particularly for those people who hope (and we fully expect it will) provide excellent levels of cooling performance while completely removing any associated noise from the equation.

Listed with a price of £100, this again too seems to be pretty much right on the nose of what we were expecting. Yes, it’s a little pricey for a cooler that doesn’t even have a fan, but on a personal level, this is exactly what I’m looking for as I am a consumer who values minimal system noise levels.

When Will We Know More?

We have reached out to Noctua for comment, albeit we doubt that this leak is going to make them officially blurt out any sort of upcoming release date. At least not one we can tell you about. Rest assured though, as soon as this product is launched, we’ll be the first to tell you about it, and more so, we’re primed and ready to get this strapped onto our test bench as soon as samples hit the market.

So in other words, if you too are exceptionally interested in knowing just what Noctua has managed to pull off here, be sure to keep an eye on our official website and social media channels!


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