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Ring’s new Pet Profile feature can help find your lost dog

Over 10 million pets are reported lost every year in the U.S. alone. Ring’s neighborhood app, named Neighbors, has returned over 100,000 of these beloved furry creatures to their owners. Today, Ring has updated the app to include new features that will help reunite pets with their owners: Pet Profiles and Contact Me.

Ring, the massive smart home security company, created the Neighbors app so that community members can stay safer together. The app has users connect with other users in their local neighborhood to alert each other when crimes happen, safety events need to be noted, or when pets are lost. The app also connects local public safety authorities with users.

To help out with the many lost pet posts that happen yearly, Ring has created Pet Profiles. Pet Profiles allows users to create individual profiles for each cuddy friend they own. The profile includes the pet’s name, species, breed, weight, color, and up to five photos. There’s also an Other section where you can fit more personalized information for your pet, such as cues they may know, unique markers, or medical information.

If you need to create a lost pet post on the app, you can easily include the pet profile so that you don’t have to remember every little thing for your pet. You can also add other information in the post, such as the last time and place your pet was seen.

The second feature Ring introduced today goes hand in hand with pet profiles and lost pet posts. Contact Me allows your neighbors to contact you directly without having your personal information. Once you turn on the feature, you can choose to be contacted via phone call, text message, or both. Then, if your neighbors choose to contact you about a post, they are given a unique, generated intermediary number akin to what happens with food delivery or rideshare apps.

The Contact Me feature helps keep every users’ information secure. Contact Me can also toggle it on and off at will, so once you get the information you receive, you can turn the feature off and not get contacted.

With these new features, users can use the Neighbors app to securely find pets and relay information. You can download the Neighbors app from the App Store and Google Play Store today.

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