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Rumors Suggest Nvidia 30XX ‘Supers’ Are on the Way!

With the release and introduction of the ‘Super‘ branding to the Nvidia 20XX series, it certainly brought a lot of new and surprisingly potent graphics card models to the market. Put simply, if you purchased a 20XX Super, then you were almost certainly not disappointed with what it had to offer. In terms of the 30XX range, however, it has been a matter of more than a little speculation within the community as to whether Nvidia would choose to reprise this branding again.

Well, following a Twitter post by reliable leaker ‘@kopite7kimi‘, new Nvidia SKU registrations have been discovered and many believe that this may be the first sighting of the 30XX ‘Super’ GPUs.

Nvidia 30XX ‘Super’?

With most of the speculation focusing on the potential of new 3070/3080 Super variants, there are, of course, more than a few damp towels we can throw over this news. Firstly, there are always lots of SKU registrations that never materialize into a formal product release. Secondly, despite these new registrations being made, there is nothing within them to specifically suggest that this is the 30XX ‘Super’ variants.

There is, however, a far more compelling question which can and should be asked. Namely, is there room within the 30XX range for a ‘Super’ design?…

What Do We Think?

If you were to ask me my own personal opinion, I would say it’s probably around a 50/50 chance that Nvidia will launch 30XX ‘Super’ graphics cards. And that’s not, incidentally, because they wouldn’t want to, but when you compare the existing 30XX range available, and particularly those ‘Ti’ models expected to be announced at CES 2021, it’s hard to say where a ‘Super’ could effectively ‘sit’ to not make other existing GPUs in the 30XX range redundant. – It is, for example, already speculated that Nvidia has had a very difficult time with the 3080 Ti in specifically making it better than the 3080, but not quite as good as the 3090.

Who knows though, maybe Nvidia will end up scraping the ‘Ti’ branding expected for the 3080 and will just slap the ‘Super’ sticker on it instead. I mean, for us consumers, it would make very little difference and it would at least allow Nvidia to keep the branding fresh. – Put simply though, with Nvidia set to hold a ‘special broadcast’ on January 12th, we can expect to learn a lot more about it then!

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