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Rumors Suggest the AMD 6800 is a Crypto-Mining Powerhouse!

Despite some opinions to the contrary, Cryptocurrency is definitely not dead. With both Bitcoin and Ethereum seeing huge price spikes over the last 12 months (with increases for both at around the 50-75% mark), we are actually potentially on the verge of a brand new mining craze. While it’s unlikely that gaming consumers will likely decide to dip their toe into the market again though, that doesn’t mean that cryptocurrency on an industrial scale is slowing down and, following a report on ChipHell, it seems that the AMD Radeon RX 6800 may be set to become the new GPU of choice!

AMD 6800 – The New Powerhouse for Cryptocurrency Mining?

Officially speaking, and at the time of writing, the Nvidia 3090 is the best cryptocurrency generating graphics card currently available. Specifically, with it offering the best levels of performance to power consumption (it is said that the GPU is capable of generating around $3.60 a day). Following the leak of new test results, however, one user has claimed that the Radeon RX 6800 is already beating this by achieving something in the region of $5 a day.

While this certainly sounds impressive, and more than a little worrying in terms of consumer stock levels if these GPUs are snapped up by cryptocurrency mining factories, a report via TechPowerUp, however, has found new evidence suggesting that the performance figures provided are either fake or vastly overstated. This development is significantly based upon the theory (and we haven’t check this ourselves yet) that the preliminary drivers supplied with the Radeon 6800 do not yet support mining.

What Do We Think?

Given the already short supply of new Nvidia graphics cards, and the likely chance that AMD Radeon 6000 will also be in high-demand, the last thing that gaming consumers want now is a new mining-boom to put even further strain (and price hikes) on GPUs. And if a new ‘mining king’ is discovered in the AMD range, then we might be in for some rough months as companies fight to build up or replace their cryptocurrency generating stock! – Fingers crossed that this does not happen!

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