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Sharkoon Launches Elite Shark CA700 Open-Air Case

Sharkoon has announced the launch of its brand new CA700 open-air PC case from its ELITE SHARK series. With its futuristic design, it should easily impress users with its cleverly designed interior. This provides room for up to eight fans and allows the simultaneous operation of two 360-millimetre radiators. In addition, the case offers extensive modification options: It can, for example, be tilted and locked in up to four positions via its base.

Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700 Open-Air Case

Five pre-installed, fully addressable PWM fans with a diameter of 120 millimetres and a case design open on all sides should ensure the ideal cooling, even with power-hungry hardware. However, if anyone wants the case to be both water-cooled and even more eye-catching, then the spacious interior offers a particularly creative solution: For future-proof heat dissipation, a 360-millimetre radiator can be installed in the top of the case, and, at the same time, another 360-millimetre radiator can be operated next to the mainboard tray.


Extravagant – Inside and Outside
So that the presentation of the built-in hardware can be just as extravagant as the PC case itself, the CA700 comes with two mounting frames to vertically install a graphics card: one mounting frame for cards that require two slots and another for cards that require three slots. The manufacturer has also included the necessary riser cable in the case’s package contents. The large side panel made of tempered glass allows the graphics card as well as the built-in fans or other illuminated elements to come into their own.

Practical and Convenient Features
In addition to its most conspicuous highlights, the ELITE SHARK CA700 offers many other smaller features which provide ease and convenience for creative hardware installation. Thus, for proper cable management, the case has several cable pass-throughs, and hook-and-loop cable ties are also supplied. And for additional flexibility, the water-cooling pump or the reservoir can be attached in one of two positions. For safe and easy handling, the tempered glass side panel is supported with a mounting bracket, and the front and top of the case have practical panels that can be easily opened and locked into position when necessary. According to personal taste, the body of the CA700 can be tilted and locked at four different angles via its base.

Lots of Space for Large Components
With dimensions of 63.2 x 25.0 x 67.0 centimetres, the ELITE SHARK CA700 is also the largest Sharkoon PC case to date and should thus offer a correspondingly large amount of space for the biggest components. For example, the maximum length of the graphics card is 47.5 centimetres, the maximum length of the power supply is 19.5 centimetres, and the maximum height of the CPU cooler is 16.5 centimetres. In addition, there is room for six 2.5-inch SSDs and two 3.5-inch HDDs.


Where Can I Learn More?

The Sharkoon ELITE SHARK CA700 is available now at the manufacturer’s suggested price of €399. Therefore, if you do want to learn more about this new and potent PC chassis design, you can check out the official product website via the link here!

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