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Sharkoon MS-Y1000 & MS-Z1000 | Spacious Micro-ATX Case with a Stylish Steel Front Panel in Two Designs

Sharkoon Technologies, an international supplier of high-performance quality PC components and peripherals, has now introduced the MS-Y1000 and the MS-Z1000. These are two micro-ATX PC cases made of steel, each with a front panel that is elegantly designed with a pattern of Y-formed or Z-formed airflow openings.  Four pre-installed fans should enable an optimal cooling, while the air-permeable front panel provides a constant flow of air into the case. Despite the compact design, large components such as a 240-millimeter radiator can be installed in the top of the case. The MS-Y1000 and MS-Z1000 are available in either black or white.

Always an Eye-Catcher

The cases appear with a unique design in two variations, whereby the MS-Z1000 gets its name from the Z-shaped openings on the steel front panel, and the MS-Y1000 gets its name from the Y-shaped openings. The simple black or white color scheme allows the case to blend into almost any surroundings. The side panel on the left of the case has two parts: a tempered glass window and a grille. Each part can be swapped in its position and mounted either on the top or the bottom of the case.

Optimal Cooling Performance

To effectively cool the inside of the MS-Y1000 and the MS-Z1000, four fans are already pre-installed: two 120 mm PWM fans under the top panel, one 120 mm PWM fan on the bottom panel, and one 80 mm PWM fan on the rear panel. An additional 120-millimeter fan can be installed on the bottom panel.

For Vertical Installation: The Compact VGCK

With the optionally available kit, the Compact VGCK, graphics cards with a length of up to 27 centimeters can be vertically installed in the MS-Y1000 or MS-Z1000. The vertical installation avoids any bending of the card and enables a better presentation of lit elements such as a GPU cooler with RGB illumination. The installation of the kit is very simple: It is attached into the case in just three steps.

Lots of Room in a Small Space

Despite its compact form factor, various large components can be installed inside: A power supply unit with a length of up to 16 centimeters can be placed in the power supply tunnel which is behind the front panel in the top of the case. Next to this, a 240-millimeter radiator with a height of up to 5.5 centimeters (including the fans) can be installed. Up to three 2.5-inch data storage drives or one 3.5-inch drive can also be installed in the case.

Price and Availability.

The MS-Y1000 and the MS-Z1000 in black are now available at the manufacturer’s suggested price of 79.90 euros. In white, both cases are available at the manufacturer’s suggested price von 84.90 euros. The Compact VGCK is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested price of 34.99 euros.

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