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Sharkoon releases new Premium Case for PC Enthusiasts

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-performance, quality PC components and peripherals. With the CA300H, Sharkoon now presents another PC case in the premium ELITE SHARK series. Like the other cases in the series, this sturdy ATX tower is designed for showcasing quality high-end hardware, and, with its generously dimensioned interior, it offers a wide variety of installation options.

Case with Impressive Design From the outside, the case aims to impress with an overall appearance of sturdiness combined with elegance. The side panels are made of tempered glass, allowing an optimal view into the interior of the case. The top panel of the CA300H is made of metal, while the frame of the front panel is made of polished aluminum. The aesthetic highlight of the case is provided by the ornate geometrical pattern on the front panel, which is emphasized by the light of the addressable RGB LED fans which are installed behind it. The LEDs of all the fans, the I/O panel and further RGB components can be adjusted as desired via the addressable RGB controller.

RGB Illuminated I/O Panel on the Side of the Case In addition to the striking front panel, the CA300H has another special detail to offer: The RGB lit I/O panel is not conventionally positioned on the top of the front panel but is located on the side of the case. This means that the controls and connections are within easy reach, especially when, for example, the tower is placed for showcasing on the tabletop. In addition to the common connections for audio and USB, the CA300H also has a USB Type-C port.

Effective Cooling Performance thanks to Constant Airflow For a continuous airflow, three RGB LED fans in the front and one RGB LED fan at the rear of the case are pre-installed inside the CA300H. Moreover, the opened top panel, with its perforated cover, offers sufficient space for locating additional fans or a radiator. The three 120 mm RGB LED fans pre-installed in the front can also be replaced by larger ones with a diameter of 140 millimeters. As an option, an up to 420 mm radiator can be installed behind the front panel, while an up to 360 mm radiator can be installed under the top panel.

Showcase for High-End Hardware The two tempered glass side panels of the CA300H allow an attractive presentation of the built-in hardware. On the right side of the case, the lower part of the glass panel is toned black. This conceals the inside of the power supply tunnel, so that nothing distracts from the general appearance. Nevertheless, SSDs with RGB elements or imposing HDDs can still come into their own. A hinged compartment, in which cables can be stowed and thus kept out of sight, ensures a tidy overall impression.

Spacious Interior The interior of the CA300H is generously dimensioned and provided with a well-thought-out layout so that there is also room for complex systems. Graphics cards with a length of up to 42.5 cm can be accommodated in the casing and, just as easily, so can a 24 cm long power supply or a 16.5 cm high CPU cooler. In addition, up to seven 2.5″ SSDs or up to four 3.5″ hard drives can be installed in the case.

Price and availability The ELITE SHARK CA300H is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested price of 154,90 euros.


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