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Sharkoon Releases the RUSH ER30 USB Gaming Headset

Sharkoon Technologies, an international supplier of quality, high-performance PC components and peripherals, has announced the release of its latest gaming headset. With the RUSH ER30, Sharkoon now presents the latest highlight in the RUSH ER series. The fourth headset in the series does away with any unnecessary ballast and again just focuses on those things that are important for smooth communication while gaming.

With its large, high-performing 50-millimeter drivers, the circumaural stereo headset should be able to deliver an impressive sound with powerfully transmitted bass tones, and so provide a convincing feeling of being in the middle of the action.

Sharkoon RUSH ER30 USB Gaming Headset

For effective strategic moves and to avoid any misunderstandings, the microphone can be muted and can also be flexibly adapted to individual needs to enable clear voice transmission at all times.

Like its predecessors, the RUSH ER30 aims to make its mark with a distinctive look, presenting itself in a recognizably modern design. For the first time in the series, this model has been equipped with an illumination to provide a focal point of changing colors.

Thanks to its USB connector, the RUSH ER30 is “Plug & Play” and is quickly ready to use, allowing the user to fully concentrate on immediate events. The volume and microphone mute can be controlled simply and intuitively on the left earcup. Thanks to the generous 220 centimeters of cable length, the headset should also be able to reach to the sofa for comfortable use at home.

Lasting Comfort

With its adjustable headband as well as the supple synthetic leather ear pads, the RUSH ER30 has been made for comfortable wearing. According to the manufacturer, the ear pads can be replaced by the fabric ones, which are also included with the headset, in a matter of seconds. The fabric ear pads are breathable and should thus be optimal for wearing during heated gaming sessions.


Price & Availability

In announcing the release of the RUSH ER30 gaming headset, Sharkoon has confirmed that it is available to purchase now with a decently low price tag of just €29.99. – If you do, therefore, wish to learn more about this new release, you can check out the official product website via the link here!

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