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SHARKQUARIUM | Voluminous Aquarium with Space for Large Components (April Fools)

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-quality, high-performance PC components and peripherals. In cooperation with the photographer and case modder Matt Lee, Sharkoon is launching the SHARKQUARIUM. This is the world’s first aquarium which is based on a PC case. The direct cooling effect of the water on the hardware components is supposed to be twice as efficient than conventional cooling systems. The components can be coated with the specially developed SHARK REPELLENT JUICE™ and thus be protected from the water. The spaciousness of the case provides for the installation of particularly large components, so that the SHARKQUARIUM can function both as an aquarium as well as a case mod that is definitely worth seeing.

A Water Habitat in the Case

Special tempered glass and the reinforcement of the power supply tunnel in the top of the case all ensure the safe storage of the power supply unit and enable the use of the case as an aquarium for your own ornamental fish. To ensure that they get enough oxygen, the specially developed CURRENT SEEKER™ fan ensures constant movement in the water.

Suitable for Free-Standing Presentations

Thanks to the side panel made of tempered glass, the SHARKQUARIUM is ideal for installing illuminated components. According to the manufacturer, a particularly large graphics card and power supply unit should fit into the case. In addition, there should still be enough space for decoratively designing the inside. The SHARK REPELLENT JUICE™ encases the components to protect them from water damage and is harmless for ornamental fish.

With Integrated Graphics Card Holder

To prevent the graphics card from drooping, a graphics card holder has been installed inside the case. This mounting support is adjustable to any length of graphics card and has a rubberized surface to avoid any scratching of the graphics card.

Price and Availability

The SHARKQUARIUM is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested price of 315.00 euros. The cooling fluid is not included in the price

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