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SilentiumPC Releases the Ventum VT2 Series Cases

SilentiumPC, the European manufacturer of CPU coolers and PC cases, has today introduced a brand new line of cooling oriented PC cases in four flavors for budget-oriented users. The new Ventum VT2 lineup is exceptionally well equipped and offers an excellent balance for its price point starting at €31,90.

One of the key design features is the large front panel with rounded edges, which is almost entirely covered by a mesh, allowing for unrestricted airflow. In addition to that, the majority of the top-panel is covered with a magnetic mesh-sheet, to support the airflow further, providing users with vast options when building their custom-tailored gaming rigs.

SilentiumPC Ventum VT2 Series Cases

The four different versions offer support for large CPU Coolers, large VGA cards and can fit AIO watercoolers with up to 360 mm radiators. While the basic model Ventum VT2 combines all the above features and has its focus primarily on the budget, the higher grade Ventum VT2 models such as the TG ARGB and EVO TG ARGB are boosting the scope of delivery with more ARGB fans as well as a tempered glass side panel.

The new Ventum VT2 has a clear focus on outstanding cooling capabilities and the dedication to deliver the best hardware compatibility and set of features while aiming for a budget-oriented price point. The entire front panel and the majority of the top panel are made of mesh to assure minimum air resistance and maximum compatibility to case fans as well as radiators in sizes from 120 to 360 mm.

Thanks to the roomy interior design and clever use of space, the Ventum VT2 can house the latest hardware and allows for convenient cable routing. All the cases are ready for air CPU coolers with a total height of 159 mm and latest VGA cards with the length of up to 290 mm. Up to two 2,5 inch drives and one addition 2,5 inch or 3,5 inch drive can be installed in the lower compartment using vibration dampening rubber grommets. The division of the interior into two chambers has a positive influence on the airflow inside the chassis and allows for even easier cable routing.

All four Ventum VT2 models can fit up to three fans in the front, two in the top panel and one more in the rear. The base model Ventum VT2 comes with a pre-installed Sigma HP 120 mm CF case fan in the rear, whereas the other models are equipped with more fans. Removable dust filters are located both above and below the case to prevent dust from entering the case.


Where Can I Learn More?

For more information and specifications on the individual chassis models available, as well as other SilentiumPC products, you can check out their official website via the link here!

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