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Softorino Universal License – Is It Worth It?

You might not immediately recognize the name Softorino, but if you ever used a Mac you’ve most certainly heard of WALTR and SYC. These are just 2 of the software products that the company is offering under their Universal License. Softorino Universal License is a pack of (currently) sixteen Apps for Windows and macOS. The subscription, which costs $2.92/month (when paid yearly) or $300 (One-time payment), includes WALTR PRO, the popular tool that allows you to get any file on your iPhone without worrying about compatibility, Softorino YouTube Converter 2, a fast tool that allows you to download video and audio files from YouTube and other sites, iRingg, a great ringtone creator tool and 9 other tools, with 4 more to be added in the near future. Lets talk about this pack and see if it’s worth the money.


WALTR PRO makes transferring data to iOS as easy, or even easier, than doing it on an Android device. Within the Softorino Universal License, you get 2 versions of the WALTR PRO app, one for Windows and one for macOS.

With WALTR PRO you can convert and transfer any file to your iPhone or iPhone in just one click without the need for any other separate software. Whether you have .avi or .mkv videos and want to convert them to another format, or you want to add them to your iPhone, you can use the drag-and-drop option and the WALTR PRO app does it all for you. Even music can be transferred very easily.

For music you also have the option of ACR (automatic content recognition) with which each song will be recognized and the meta data are automatically passed into the application and can be edited.


Softorino YouTube Converter 2 is a tool that allows you to download and convert videos from YouTube to your PC and also send it to your iOS device effortlessly. There are a lot of tools out there (for Windows, at least) that do pretty much the same thing for free or with the help of advertising, so what makes SYC 2 a premium app? Well, it has quite a lot of features, so lets explore them.

First of all, SYC 2 automatically recognizes iOS devices that are set up in iTunes for Wi-Fi sync and that are connected on the same WiFi network as your PC and allows you to transfer content directly to your phone with no wires needed. This is indeed a cool feature, but maybe not everyone needs it, so to explore the app further we need to take a look at features and performance.

Once installed and opened, when you copy a link from YouTube, it gets automatically added to the app and you have the option to convert the file to video (up to 4K resolution, at 60fps), Audio (AAC and MP3) and Ringtone (as Full length or trimmed to 30 seconds). You can download the files to your computer, send it to your iPhone or older iOS device or directly to iTunes. On top of this, the app also has a search box integrated that allows you to search for anything on YouTube and convert the video you want.

The download process itself is super fast and everything goes flawlessly. SYC 2 should be working on 53 different websites, according to the info listed in the app, but that’s only in theory. Links from some websites, like Instagram or Gamespot are not actually able to download anything, while Facebook or Funny or Die work just fine for both video and audio.

Now, regarding the Ringtone convert feature, you have an option to trim the song to 30 seconds, but the software does not allow you to select the moments you want to trim, saving only the first 30 seconds. That being said, the ringtone can be sent directly to your PC, iPhone, or directly to iTunes.

Some other handy features of the app include the option to download entire YouTube playlist at once and automatically include subtitles.

Overall, SYC 2 is a cool tool that works fast and has a good mix of features. It is a good tool for converting web videos to videos and audio files.

Testing it on macOS, I chose to download the iPhone 13 Pro Max video from YouTube and save it in 4K. The download takes about 30-50 minutes because it only works at 200-500kB / s.

Some options require connecting the iPhone to the MacBook to be able to transfer data or files which I don’t like, I want everything to be done wirelessly. I haven’t connected my iPhone to my MacBook in years.


Softorino iRingg is a tool that allows you to to take a song from your iTunes library, or to rip it from YouTube or SoundCloud and convert it to a ringtone for your iPhone. Just like SYC 2, iRingg is able to send the file to your iPhone wirelessly.

iRingg is a 2-in-1 app that lets you create ringtones and push them into iPhone in one-click without the need of using iTunes and it has a data-learning algorithm called 6Sense that will suggest new tracks you might like and convert them to ringtones.

The app is very easy to use and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to be able to use it. You can use built-in browser in iRingg to search for the music track you want on YouTube and Soundcloud. Once you find the desired song, when you click on it the app will download the track on your local PC and you will be prompted to trim the section you want to use as ringtone. You can adjust the position and length of the track with a few clicks on the mouse. You can even personalize the track by adding effects or even your voice to it and then you can simply Push the ringtone to your iPhone or save it on the computer. It’s just as simple as that!

If you already have a track in a local library, you can also upload it to the app by clicking ‘Browse” and you can do the same edits as before.

Overall, iRingg is the BEST ringtone creating app I’ve used so far. It is lighting fast and makes everything SUPER easy to use. The app takes away the complicated steps needed to add a custom ringtone to your phone and also addresses the issue I had earlier with SYC 2.

Folder Colorizer For Mac

Folder Colorizer For Mac is a small tool that allows you to change folder color on Mac in 1-click. If you are tired of the standard colors for folders in macOS you can use the Folder Colorizer application to change colors, add emoticons, emoji or even pictures.

Any changes made can be made to the initial settings in macOS. If we change any folder with a color, picture or emoji, they will be kept if we copy it to a stick or transfer it to a MacBook being compatible with other systems, and the changes are made at the folder level and not in macOS.

Folder Colorizer 2

Folder Colorizer 2 is a small tool that allows you to organize your data by colorizing your folders on Windows. Once installed, the software is available via Right Click on a folder. You can select the color from an existing list of saved tones or you can customize and create your own color presets.

The colorful folders are seen in the browser windows, but also in the quick access/navigation sidebar, which is cool.

Everything is cool, but do I really need the tool and how much does it cost? Well, if you need to organize data and research for easy access, the tool helps and the tool is available to download for FREE from the official website.

Memory Optimizer 2

Memory Optimizer 2 is a tool that helps you Free Up RAM for Faster & Better PC Performance. The app is simple and fast and has an intuitive interface that shows RAM usage as colorful graphs. It has a button that says ‘Recover’ that you need to press to free up RAM.

As Windows is faster and faster and access to more RAM is cheaper than ever, Memory Optimizer 2 is a tool that has outlived its age.

Task ForceQuit 2

Task ForceQuit 2 is a small tool that allows you to kill stuck Windows apps or apps that are running in the background and “eating” resources. We can basically call it an advanced task killer for windows PC, or a tool that allows non-tech users to take control over the apps on their PCs.

The interface is clean and it provides an easier and faster way to force quit programs on Windows. The tool is also available for free.

Volume Concierge 2

Volume Concierge 2 is yet another free tool in the pack that allows you to schedule Auto Volume Adjustments for your PC. It is a cool tool as it allows you to create automated schedules based on the time of the day. Sometimes we forget about the volume levels at certain hours and this tool can automatically adjust the volume of your computer based on your own schedule.

The tool is neat and it is something that you probably didn’t know you need until you do.

Softorino Universal License

We’ve gone through every piece of software included in the Softorino Universal License, so lets see what that sums up to. We have 12 tools available now, with 4 more coming this year. This pack includes 4 tools that are already available for free, 4 Mac apps and 3 Windows Apps.

WALTR PRO is a cool tool and was a very handy app to use on older phone models. Now you have Airdrop and you can use to transfer any file from your Mac to your iPhone with a single click and with no issues. SYC 2 is a great YouTube downloader, but it very slow on Mac and, on top of this, there are plenty of free convertors online that do pretty much the same thing. iRingg is a cool app if you want custom ringtones. Folder Colorizer For Mac is a neat tool for macOS and its Windows version, Folder Colorizer 2 also allows you to color folders on Windows, but lacks features other free apps have, like adding icons and tweaking beyond colors. Memory Optimizer 2 and Task ForceQuit 2 are just task killers with a fancy interface. Volume Concierge 2 is a cool app to have if you sleep with your computer on 24/7 (which a lot of people don’t).

The macOS versions of the apps were covered by our friends at https://www.isay.ro/

Overall, Softorino Universal License provides a pack of apps that you might use, but basically all of them have free versions out there. For 300 euros they are definitely not worth it. Buying them for $2.92 / month is a better deal if you really want them. We’ll have to see if the new apps that are coming later this year as part of the pack will improve the value.


Folder Colorizer For Mac
Folder Colorizer 2
Memory Optimizer 2
Task ForceQuit 2
Volume Concierge 2



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