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SPC Gear Unveil its VIRO/VIRO Plus ONYX White Gaming Headset

SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, has today announced the launch of the ONYX white edition of its VIRO and VIRO Plus USB 7.1 over-ear wired gaming headsets. Both new models offer a brand new look and an unusual appearance. The VIRO series now includes two additional models with dynamic transducers and a clip-on microphone, which deliver amazing accuracy of sound, comfort, and unchallenged recording quality at the price point below €60! This balance of sound quality and versatility makes the Viro series the perfect companion for any gamer.

SPC Gear VIRO and VIRO Plus ONYX White Gaming Headsets

Black onyx is known not only for its high durability but also its distinctive appearance. The light version, on the other hand, is very rarely seen in nature. The VIRO Onyx White headset has been designed based on this unique mineral. In addition to the white colour, the headset also features grey and silver accents with metal inserts. SPC Gear VIRO Onyx White and VIRO Plus Onyx White headsets are a unique addition for demanding players. Thanks to their stylish look, they’ll also draw viewers’ attention while streaming.


High-Fidelity Sound Quality
Precision in the representation of sound details and the feeling for directions in games provides an advantage in competitive gaming. Hearing a virtual opponent’s foot-steps give the player the upper hand in the battle. The high sound quality is achieved by the dynamic 53 mm drivers in the deep earpads filled with memory foam that shapes itself to the user’s head and ears. The combination of clear and detailed sound with the wide soundstage results from the sufficiently large space in which the drivers move.

Detachable high-end microphone
An essential part of a modern gaming headphone is the integrated microphone. SPC Gear bundles the Viro headphone series with a detachable microphone, allowing comfortable and clear communication with friends without background noise and distortion. The ONYX white edition of the Viro headphones uses the same microphone, which has successfully impressed many gamers and streamers by its outstanding sound recording quality, providing clear speech reproduction and masking unnecessary ambient noise.

Additional Earpads
In addition to the conventional ear pads made of PU leather, SPC Gear includes additional set of memory foam ear pads made of durable and breathable material.This assures that the user’s ears remain pleasantly cool, especially during exciting moments during gaming sessions. SPC Gear Memory Foam Earpads have a negligible impact on sound compared to earpads made of eco-leather and provide a similar passive background noise reduction level.

Price & Availability

Available to purchase now, SPC Gear has confirmed the following prices for their new gaming headset designs:

  • Viro ONYX White – €44
  • Viro Plus ONYX White – €55

For more information, you can check out the official product website via the link here!

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