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SteelSeries Unveils its Prime Series Gaming Peripherals

SteelSeries has announced the launch of the all-new Prime franchise, co-developed in collaboration with pros, for pros, to win championships. Designed for competition and engineered for performance, the Prime line of products builds on SteelSeries’ 20 years of innovation and pedigree as the original esports brand.

With input and feedback from 100+ of the world’s leading competitive professional players, every aspect of the Prime line was meticulously designed with a single goal in mind: victory. Inspired by the rally car, the Prime franchise introduces a lineup of lightweight, streamlined mice and a new Arctis headset that features only the best-in-class technology and innovation. All performance. No bells and whistles that can get in the way.

SteelSeries Prime Series Gaming Peripherals

The difference between victory and defeat can be a matter of milliseconds. Each mouse in the Prime lineup is equipped with revolutionary Optical Magnetic switches that are engineered to last 5x longer than the competition, providing lightning-fast response times that harness the power of light. The Prestige OM switches actuate at quantum speeds so that gamers can beat the competition to the trigger every time. Additionally, not all clicks are made the same. The prestige switch was designed to deliver the most satisfying crispy clicks possible. Its unique design utilizes a magnetic core to ensure that the 100 millionth left or right-click feels just as crispy as the very first.

Performance is standard. Features are optional. Gamers can choose from three options based on their style of play: Prime, Prime+ and Prime Wireless.

Prime – Play like a Pro. Co-developed with the world’s leading competitive esports players, the Prime mouse has a battle-tested shape meant for sustained comfort at the highest levels of play. Its lightweight form factor weighs in at only 69 g to reduce hand fatigue when lifted. A hyper durable design can withstand the most intense wear and tear, and a new textured matte finish ensures a non-slip grip. A TrueMove Pro sensor provides esports pro performance, and onboard customization makes selecting settings easy.

Prime+ – Play like a Pro with customization options. The Prime+ mouse takes the battle-tested shape, hyper-durable design and new textured matte finish and adds full onboard customization that requires no additional software. Its lightweight form factor weighs in at only 71 g and a TrueMove Pro+ sensor provides pro esports performance with an additional sensor to detect lift-off distance.

Prime Wireless – Play like a Pro with wireless freedom. The Prime Wireless mouse takes all the features of the Prime mouse, but in wireless from with a best-in-class battery that provides over 100 hours of gameplay plus fast charging. Weighing in at only 80 g, every component was carefully optimized for wireless gaming. A TrueMove Air sensor provides pro performance with true 1-to-1 tracking, and onboard customization makes selecting settings easy.

Winning is everything. To take home championship trophies, you need all of your senses firing on all cylinders. And when it comes to gaming audio, the Arctis Prime headset builds on the award-winning heritage of the Arctis franchise. It introduces a battle-tested, comfortable, lightweight, high-performance headset that delivers signature Arctis high fidelity sound.

Arctis Prime – Co-developed with championship-winning esports pros, the rally car of headsets introduces all-new noise Isolating leatherette ear cushions that crush the background noise while high fidelity audio drivers deliver maximum detail separation at the highest levels of gameplay. In addition, the Arctis Prime features lightweight, durable metal construction, noise-cancelling Discord-certified mic, detachable 3.5 mm cable, and on-headset volume and mute controls.

Where Can I Learn More?

In announcing the launch of these new peripherals, SteelSeries has confirmed the following prices consumers should expect with retailers:

  • Prime – North America for $59.99 | EMEA for €69.99 | APAC for $69.99
  • Prime+ – North America for $79.99 | EMEA for €89.99 | APAC for $89.99
  • Prime Wireless – North America for $129.99 | EMEA for €139.99 | APAC for $139.99
  • Arctis Prime – North America for $99.99 | EMEA for €119.99 | APAC for $119.99

If you do, therefore, want to learn more, you can check out the official product website via the link here!


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