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Step into the future with Oculus Quest 2

Take control of a starship cockpit, walk along a deserted beach, and rock out with front row seats for your favorite band’s next big gig – all without leaving your living room. That’s what’s on offer with the power of Oculus Quest 2.

A wirefree, all-in-one device, the Oculus Quest 2 features next-level hardware that puts you at the heart of unimaginable experiences, letting you step inside digital worlds that go beyond what’s possible in the real world.

Worn on your head, the Oculus Quest 2 puts high resolution goggles in front of your eyes, and tracks your movement to allow you to ‘physically’ enter 3D worlds, letting you exist inside them and interact within them.

Every step, every turn of your head, every crouch or jump is tracked by the Oculus Quest 2, with ergonomic motion controllers letting you grab hold of items in the digital landscapes you visit.  

Built-in speakers in the head strap deliver immersive 3D positional audio, making sounds move around just as they would in the real world, positioning themselves in relation to your movements. Duck, weave and throw a punch in a virtual reality boxing match, serve an ace in a VR tennis match  or make a death-defying climb up a distant mountain– Oculus Quest 2 creates the scene, and you star in it.

Set up is simple – charge the battery, turn it on and pop it on your head. Log in with your Facebook account and link the Oculus app on a smartphone or tablet and you’re good to go. 

With ‘Inside Out’ tracking cameras, you’ll be able to see your room and draw a boundary on the floor so the Oculus Rift can intelligently keep you clear of any furniture or obstacles.

You’ll instantly be able to see just how impressive the Oculus Quest 2 is. With 50 percent more pixels than the original Oculus Quest, graphics are sharp and text clearly legible. As well as the comfortable, lightweight fit that allows you to wear the headset for lengthy VR sessions, the improved processor and high refresh rate makes for a smooth, naturalistic gameplay experience.

There are hundreds of top games and experiences to download straight to the Oculus Quest 2 headset. Take on the zombie horde in the terrifying The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, or work up a sweat with the laser sword dance craze of Beat Saber. 

Guide a heroic mouse through a fantasy adventure in Moss, while the release of Jurassic World: Aftermath will let you experience the thrill of escaping a pack of deadly velociraptors.

If you’re lucky enough to be rocking a gaming PC at home, you can also purchase an Oculus Link cable that will let you hook up the Oculus Quest 2 to your computer, unlocking even more titles you can play. 

The power of a dedicated gaming PC opens up an even more detailed and thrilling world of virtual reality experiences, from the Norse mythological adventure of Asgard’s Wrath to the stunningly realised zero-gravity sci-fi spectacle that is Lone Echo.

Whether on the Quest 2 itself or hooked up to a PC, the majority of these virtual worlds can be played alongside a friend too. 

You can enter worlds together to play competitive table tennis or the brand-new Fortnite-like Population One battle-royale game, while everyone gets their very own Oculus Home space to decorate and hang out in, with social destinations where you can just kick back and chill with your buddies.

It’s the next step in entertainment, a game-changing way to watch movies, play games and hang out with your friends. Step into an all-new reality with Oculus Quest 2 and Currys.


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