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Team Group outlines its DDR5 memory release plans for 2021

Back in July JEDEC released the final spec for DDR5 SRAM, and in October SK hynix followed up by launching the world’s first DDR5 DRAM modules. Now Team Group has written to HEXUS to outline its plans in preparing DDR5 memory modules for consumers in the coming year. The firm has released a press release about this news too.

Team Group outlines its credentials before talking about its new DDR5 memory product(s). It reminds readers that it has over 20 years experience in DDR3 and DDR4 memory products, as well as other memory markets. Since the announcement of the DDR5 memory standard Team Group says it has been working closely with IC partners (one might be SK hynix?) to ready memory products for PCs that will adopt DDR5.

The first DDR5 memory modules we will see from Team Group will join its “top selling” Elite product line. Sometime in 2021 Team Group says that it will release 16GB 4,800MHz DDR5 memory modules operating at 1.1V, down from the 1.2V of the previous generation. It adds that the expected data transfer rates the moduels will be capable of is somewhere between 4,800–5,200Mbps, which it says is up to 1.6x faster that today’s DDR4 memory. At the same time, thanks to the voltage reduction the memory module power consumption will be approx 10 per cent lower. In the future the DDR5 spec outlines the possibility of DDR5 memory as fast as 8,400Mbps.

Team Group reminds us that the DDR5 spec includes on die error correction code, which “self-corrects single-bit errors, greatly improving system stability.” This feature needs an additional IC on DDR4 modules.

The new DDR5 memory modules will have their release timed to coordinate with AMD and Intel and the release of new CPUs and chipsets that support this next gen memory. Team Group expects that to happen “as early as Q3 2021”.

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