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Thermaltake ToughRAM XG RGB DDR4 Memory Revealed

Thermaltake has revealed their new ToughRAM XG RGB line of DDR4 memory, and it looks absolutely stunning! The new kits are the latest addition to their successful ToughRAM series, and we’ve certainly been impressed by the other kits we’ve tested.


The first in this new line will be 16GB (2 x 8GB) dual-channel memory kits. Which will be available in four speeds, ranging from a fairly fast 3600 MHz up to a very fast 4600 MHz kit.

  • DDR4-3600
  • DDR4-4000
  • DDR4-4400
  • DDR4-4600


Furthermore, the DDR4-4600 kit (R016D408GX2-4600C19A) features timings of 19-26-26-45, and 1.5V DRAM voltage. The DDR4-4400 kit (R016D408GX2-4400C19A) at 19-25-25-45, and 1.45V. The DDR4-4000 kit (R016D408GX2-4000C19A) runs 19-23-23-42, and the DDR4-3600 kit (R016D408GX2-3600C18A) does 18-19-19-39, both at 1.35V.


What really pops about these kits though, has to be their unique design. They use a grey and black two-tone look for the main heat spreader. However, there’s a mixture of textures and lines here too, as well as a central dividing piece.

Of course, you get lots of RGB, with 16 ARGB diodes split between the spine at the top and the small section on each side.

Price and Availability

Unfortunately, we do not know the price or release date just yet. However, I expect the price will reflect their premium build quality and specifications. I also expect stock will land sooner than later, otherwise they wouldn’t be telling us about the product, right?


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